25 innovative gadget and cool accessory iPhone lovers

25 innovative gadget and cool accessory iPhone lovers

A PopSocket grip

25 innovative gadget and cool accessory iPhone lovers

It looks like iPhones get bigger per annum , so why not buy a pleasant sturdy PopSocket grip and save your beloved the pinky strain? These handy grips stick on the rear of most iPhone cases with ease and begin twice to supply excellent grip. Your gifts will use them to prop their Mobile phone so it can be stands alone as they watch beautiful videos. PopSocket grips are available more patterns, colors, and designs than I can count, so you will be bound to find one that matches the personality of your beloved . I personally love my PopSocket grip such a lot that i can not imagine life without it.

A cleaning kit

Trust me, you do not even want to understand how dirty your loved one's iPhone is, but with a WHOOSH! cleaning kit, their iPhone are often germ-free in seconds. This kit comes with an antimicrobial microfiber cloth and a electronics safe for 3.4-ounce disinfecting spray. To keep my phone I use WHOOSH! all the time its best.

A waterproof case

If your beloved lives a life aquatic — or is simply a lovable klutz — they have the Lifeproof Fré iPhone case. This case is fully submersible in water that's up to six .6 feet (2 meters) deep for 1 hour. It's also fully sealed with its built-in screen protector and port covers, so it's safe from the weather.

A pair of wireless earbuds

Although there are truly wireless earbuds that sound better and price more, Apple's Airpods are among the simplest you'll buy because they're with great care simple and straightforward to use with an iPhone. They pair effortlessly, never lose connection, and that they are available a wirelessly charging case that charges them.

A camera lens attachment

camera lens attachment iphone

Although the newest iPhones have great cameras, lens kits like this one from Olloclip make the photo quality even better. Your giftee can add fish-eye, macro, and wide-angle lenses to their iPhone with the Olloclip to need special photos.

A photo printer

Everyone sharing digital photos is really fun, sharing physical photos is wonderful and awesome. Lifeprint's portable photo printer can reproduce high-quality photos on special photo paper during a 3-by-4.5-inch size that's perfect for sharing.

From this app, you can do lots of fun things, too, and make your Live iPhone photos converted to life as animated GIFs as you hold your iPhone above the captured printed photo. Lifeprint's printers can communicate with one another, too, so if both you and your beloved have a Lifeprint printer, you'll send photos to print at each other's printers.

A fitness tracker

When it involves fitness trackers, Fitbit is that the most well-known brand and therefore the Charge 3 is a superb gift for iPhone owners who want to urge and stay fit.

Tile Pro

Tile Pro iphone

Although this nifty gadget isn't specifically for your iPhone, it works in tandem with it to assist you discover your lost items, goodbye as your phone is within up to 400 feet away. When out of range, owners to track a lost item can rely on a vast community of Tile.

The Tile Pro is the best Bluetooth tracker. It features a replaceable battery, a louder alarm, and a extended range than its competitors. We have a few on our keys and in our wallet, and do not skills we ever lived without it.

MoKo Cell Phone Stand

From MoKo This inexpensive stand from is just a half-inch thick and just folds up to just 3 by 3 inches, making it the perfect and good stand to take with you on the go and uses with your iPhone. You can easily toss it during a bag or maybe fit it during a pocket.

It'll definitely are available handy on an airplane because it's sufficiently small to suit on a tray. It may not be the prettiest stand because it's just made from plastic, but it's sturdy, small, and affordable.

If you would like a more versatile stand, you ought to consider this adjustable one from Lamicall that we also recommend on our guide to iPhone docks.

Apple Smart Battery Case

Smart Battery Case iphone

For iPhone users Apple given best option own case is the best battery-powered. It's Available in white, black, or pink, and accessory can be added on another day of power-outlet independence to your iPhone.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones iphone

The controversy has been quite of the omission of the headphone jack with losing the users convenience of plug-and-play audio listening, but gaining variety of the best-sounding wireless earphones just like the Powerbeats Pro. Unlike the infamously uncomfortable AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro fit more comfortably and snugly, because of the adjustable ear hooks. The sound quality is very good better than the competitors, and in Beats packs a very punchy bass, fashion. However, the most point of the earphones is durability. The Powerbeats Pro are good- and water-resistant, With an IPX4 rating, if you’re into fitness looking for a perfect gadget. It comes with a hefty tag , but the superb audio playback and luxury are well worth the money.

Tile Pro

Tile Pro iphone

The Tile Pro water-resistant phone within a range of 400 feet Bluetooth tracker can help you locate lost items like your keys. You can even use your smartphone to form your Tile ring if you misplace any item. For example, if you can’t find your phone, just double press the Tile button on your Tile to form your phone ring, even when it’s in silent mode, or you can spot it on a map. Should you lose track of your Tile, you'll anonymously recruit the whole Tile community to assist you discover it via the companion mobile app. It also now works with Amazon Alexa.

Kenu Stance Tripod

Kenu Stance Tripod iphone

This is an incredibly handy, compact tripod for your iPhone, one that permits you to prop your device in either landscape or portrait view. It’s good for photography and shooting video, or for hands-free video conferencing and reading. The Kenu tripod is pocket-sized when folded, and you'll easily adjust the three legs to seek out the right angle. Kenya recently tweaked the first design, too, leading to a stronger Lightning port connector and another keyring attachment. The latter component even doubles as an opener.

CamKix Camera Lens Kit

CamKix Camera Lens Kit iphone

The CamKix optical lens Kit may be a compact thanks to increase the flexibility of your iPhone camera. This carpenter's kit is incredibly user-friendly, and it instantly improves the standard of photos you'll take straight from your phone. This all purchase comes with the five different lenses to fit perfect different speeds, environments, and more. This impressive collection of lenses also accompany several attachable clips to assist you slide a lens on and off any iPhone model.

This kit’s specific lenses are a , wide-angle, telephoto, macro, and circular polarized lens. Play around with each sort of lens because they’ll all create different visuals counting on the time of day, sort of environment you’re in, and therefore the subject you’re trying to capture. Connect your lens of option to the clip and center it over your iPhone’s camera. The CamKix Kit comes with a belt latch and a carrying bag to supply a touch of support, protect your lenses, and take away the strain out of transporting your lens collection.

A long iPhone cable

A long iPhone cable Iphone

There are two things wrong with the lightning cable Apple includes within the box with each new iPhone: The cable is just too short and it's too weak. Native Union's Night Cable solves both those problems with a 10-foot-long durable cable which will easily reach to charge your phone.

It also features a handy knotted weight thereon that you simply can move up and down the cable to make sure that your iPhone stays on the table while it charges without falling or moving. It's my favorite long iPhone cable.

A light to help you take better photos

A light to help you take better photos iphone

If your gifts loves taking high-quality capturing photos, they will love having the Lume Cube Air in their mobile phone photography-kit. the small light helps illuminate the topic of a photograph when the lighting is a smaller amount than ideal.

A pair of stylish wireless headphones

pair of stylish wireless headphones Iphone

Bang & Olufsen makes beautiful wireless headphones that look as awesome as they sound. They are high quality expensive, but the sound quality, classy beautiful design, and stable Bluetooth connectivity make them a great choice — especially for people who have an iPhone 7 or newer without the headphone jack.

A fast charger and USB-C-to-lightning cable

fast charger and USB C to lightning cable iphone

With Belkin's USB-C-to-Lightning Cable and USB-C Wall Adapter, anyone who features a newer iPhone can cash in of faster charging speeds. The cable is additionally durable and well made, plus, it's MFi certified by Apple to be safe.

A way to expand storage

way to expand storage iphone

The main thing is nothing worse than running of storage full on your iPhone or confused to transfer photos and files from your iPhone to your laptop. SanDisk's iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone solves both problems with a chic solution that works effortlessly.

Our drive has a regular USB-A end that will be fit in most of the laptops and a lightning end that fits all the iPhones so you can offload files easily and transfer them back and forth. It's great for extra photo storage awesome.

A pair of touchscreen gloves

It’s awesome because it's cold out doesn't mean your loving gift iPhone is going to stop using their iPhone, so touchscreen gloves are the perfect gift for your friends and family in colder climes. In Some of the Shop they sell several different touchscreen glove options and you can find a pair that fits your loved one's style and hand size.

A wireless charging lamp

Wireless chargers are available in all shapes and sizes, and one of the good ones I've encountered is that this desk lamp that doubles as a wireless charger. It even features a USB port at the rear so you'll charge with a cable, too. It also excels as a lamp, so I exploit it on my nightstand as a lamp and phone charger.

The lamp has five color temperature modes and 7 brightness levels, so you'll adjust it to fit your needs. The lamp's head rotates up to 180 degrees and tilts up to 135 degrees, and even, the arm is often tilted up to 150 degrees and swivels 90 degrees, which is to say, this lamp will illuminate anything you would like in only about any direction while charging your phone.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods iphone

Apple's latest earphones will instantly increase your iPhone experience. With your iPhone, They instantly pair together, are perfect for taking phone calls, and offer excellent sound quality. Even better, they feature an all-new wireless charging case, meaning you'll cut yet one more cord from your life.

Apple Watch Series 5

Hands down, the Apple Watch is that the best smartwatch money can purchase. Aside from its elegant design and intuitive interface, its built-in GPS will precisely keep track of your outdoor activities while an ultra-accurate ECG-capable heart-rate sensor will keep your health in check.

With optional cellular connectivity among its key features, the newest Apple Watch allows users to require an opportunity from their iPhone during their workouts. The display of the watch is additionally the simplest within the business — it's bright and straightforward to navigate even under direct sunlight.

Maxboost iPhone Screen Protectors

screen protector iphone

If you are struggling at instalation of screen protectors, you will appreciate this tempered glass one from Maxboost. It is comes with a frame that really helps ease the installations process, and it leaves you with a bubble free screen.

The pack comes with three protectors, and therefore the glass is simply .25 inches thick, so it's compatible with most cases. Best of all, it includes a lifetime warranty. This screen protector is additionally the simplest overall pick from Wirecutter.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

Apple has done an excellent job implementing a number of the simplest mobile cameras on iPhones. With the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, your next capture are often quite just a memory in your gallery app. The pocketable device iPhone via Bluetooth and can print out any picture of your liking. Simply download the Instax Mini Link app, take an image or choose an existing one, customize the framing, and print away. The Instax Mini also features a neat trick that allows you to quickly reprint a picture by turning the printer the wrong way up and pressing the facility button — it’s a very useful features for when you want to shareable a photo with family and friends. You will need to buy the film separately, but it’s available worldwide and fairly affordable.

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