25 best gadget and cool accessory iPhone lovers

25 best gadget and cool accessory iPhone lovers

Jackery Power Outdoors

25 best gadget and cool accessory iPhone lovers

Wherever your adventures may lead, you'll believe the compact Jackery portable power plant with its built-in cables for super-fast charging of all iPhones. The UL certified 6,000 mAh charger, which inserts neatly in your pocket, fully charges an iPhone 6, 7, and eight up to 2 times within 1.5 hours, an iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus up to one and half times within 2 hours, or an iPhone X or XS up to 1.4 times within 2.5 hours. with any iPhone or iPad and facilitates pass-through charging, The Lightning cable is certified by Apple as 100% compatible, letting you charge devices while the battery pack is plugged in and charging. An open USB port accommodates other gadgets. It comes in orange or black.

Nomad Rugged Cable

If you’re trying to find an adjunct that will get up to the weather, Nomad’s Rugged Cable is super durable. Not only is it dirt resistant, but it’s designed with sealed caps to stay all the dirt and liquids out. The outer shield is formed of high-end TPE, an equivalent material used for guitar audio cables. the cable is compatible with all iPhones Equipped with both Lightning and USB connectors. A custom-designed liquid synthetic rubber tie wraps around the cable to stay it from getting worn or frayed.

A really nice leather case

A really nice leather case Iphone

There's nothing better than a leather iPhone case and Nomad makes our favourite ones. Not only are they durable and protective, but the cases also are made with soft Horween leather that ages beautifully. We can't recommend these cases enough.

Maxboost iPhone Screen Protectors

If you are struggling at instalation of screen protectors, you will appreciate this tempered glass one from Maxboost. It is comes with a frame that really helps ease the installations process, and it leaves you with a bubble free screen.

The pack comes with three protectors, and therefore the glass is simply .25 inches thick, so it's compatible with most cases. Best of all, it includes a lifetime warranty. This screen protector is additionally the simplest overall pick from Wirecutter.

An Apple Watch

There is no better like smartwatch than the Apple Watch. almost every iPhone owner will like to have one, so this is often really a fail-safe gift. It can track fitness metrics, keep tabs on pulse and health, go swimming, buzz with notifications, then far more . it is a true companion to the iPhone.

The 3-pack of lightning cables so you will never run out of cables

It's only too easy to lose lightning cables, so it is a great idea to refill with a three-pack of Anker's PowerLine cables. These 3-foot-long cables are sturdy, last an extended time, and have good reach. They are also our pick for the best iPhone lightning cable you can buy in the shop.

SteelSeries Nimbus+ Bluetooth Controller

Across the App Store and Apple Arcade, This Nimbus+ is a good iPhone accessory that makes for the most useful comfortable gaming experience.

Popular games the controller supports, including Butter Royale, Crossy Road Castle, and Sneaky Sasquatch. The controller features are offer gamers 50 hours of battery life and clickable joysticks.

Anker Car Charger

Anker Car Charger iphone

This USB C 30W, 2-port compact charger is loaded with 18W of charging power and is meant to figure with modern iPhone models. It can charge two devices simultaneously and is optimized to figure with all phones and tablets. An LED power indicator helps you find your charger while driving in the dark. The special safety system Anker car chargers assure total protection for your all devices.

Anker iPhone LED Flash

iPhone LED Flash

This ultra bright light will help improve your shots in the dark . In fact, it's fourfold brighter than your smartphone's integrated LED flash. It comes with a silicone mount so you'll easily attach it to your iPhone for brightening up your selfies.

The built-in battery has enough juice to require 10,000 photos or be used as a flashlight for 50 minutes. When it is time to recharge, you'll just connect it right to your iPhone.

A stylish Bluetooth speaker

A stylish Bluetooth speaker Iphone

Marshall wa understood for its hip hop rock-n-roll aesthetic, and its Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker is an icon in its title . This speaker sound has the classic Marshall look & appears to be an AMP at first glance. It's actually a strong Bluetooth speaker with a huge battery inside which will last through about 20 hours of playback. I use this speaker reception often, and that i like it your iPhone addicted gifts will, too.

A screen protector

It's so easy to scratch or crack a phone screen accidentally , so we recommend learning a screen protector as a practical stocking filler . Zagg is legendary for its screen protectors because they're durable, easy to use , and a few offer special features like blue light blocking and privacy shields.

A car mount

car mount iphone

Driving without a car mount for your phone may be a recipe for disaster, but luckily, you'll get your beloved a phone mount like this one from iOttie for a great price. It adjusts to suit any iPhone and it will slot in any car's air vent. It's easy to angle any which way so you'll see the phone properly once you drive. It's a godsend for when you need GPS for driving directions.

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

The brand-new Fitbit Charge 4 is that the best Fitbit for many users because it’s discreet, yet insanely intuitive and feature-packed.

The fitness tracker now integrates with Spotify so you'll easily adjust volume and skip tracks right from your watch. Plus, it includes a built-in GPS for easily mapping your outdoor exercises in detail, while displaying the workout intensity along the way.

The device’s can expanded good health-tracking capabilities are importantly headlined by a feature called Active Zone Minutes. It uses the gadget’s built-in pulse sensor to offer users an in-depth check out of their workouts.

The tracker, which can even help monitor your sleep, lasts up to a week before needing to be recharged. It's available with a black or rosewood-colored case.

A portable battery pack

Although iPhone battery life has improved markedly over the years, it's still an honest idea to possess a transportable battery gain hand for charging emergencies. Jackery makes our favourite battery pack because it's an honest capacity and built-in lightning and micro USB cables so you do not need to bring cables with you, too. The wireless headphones or micro USB cable is great for charging a Kindle.

A wireless charging stand

wireless charging lamp iphone

If the person you're buying has an iPhone 8 or newer, you ought to get them a wireless charger. This one from Courant is perfect. It's both beautiful and practical, because it charges two devices wirelessly at an equivalent time at up to 10 watts. It's made from Italian leather and has a beautiful braided nylon cable. Thanks to very much its five charging coils, no dead spots there are, either.

JBL Charge 3

The JBL Charge 3 may be a Bluetooth speaker full of features and crisp, quality audio. the battery’s rechargeable that is the huge bonus and 20 hours of battery life offers before requiring a recharge. The Charge 3 doubles itself as a 6,000mAh power supply to assist revive your Iphone’s battery. The speaker also acts as a way to cancel noise and echoes during voice calls on speakerphone.

This speaker is out there in five bold color options, which only further adds to its style and physical creativity. The Charge 3 also features a water-proof layer for cover during a raging pool party. However, JBL’s best feature is its ability to make surround-sound effects by syncing with other JBL-compatible speakers.