Resistance Band Booty Workout

Unlike rubber mini bands, they have adequate resistance. At best, rubber mini bands offer 10 to 40 pounds of resistance, while our fabric booty bands provide up to 150 pounds of resistance. Legs and glutes are large, strong muscles that need sufficient resistance to be effectively worked.

Our resistance bands are made of elastic cotton, which prevents them from slipping or rolling up and down. Anyone who has ever used rubber latex mini bands understands how aggravating this can be. They must be adjusted and unrolled on a regular basis. You can leave our fabric booty bands wrapped around your legs for the whole workout without having to change them.

. They're extremely relaxed. They're made of a cotton-blend fabric, so they won't irritate or itch your skin...or pull your leg hair (important point for guys).

Our fabric bands are incredibly long-lasting. They're designed to last! There's no need to be concerned about them stretching or splitting.

This full-length booty band workout has two circuits with a total of five exercises. It takes about 25 minutes, and you'll be running for the majority of that time, so it's a high-volume workout that'll help you activate, strengthen, and develop your glutes and legs.

. Circuit 1 consists of three exercises that target both legs. Each exercise will be performed back-to-back for 30 reps. This will be repeated three times. But for a brief pause while switching between exercises, there is no rest in circuit 1.

After completing three rounds of circuit 1, take a minute to rest before moving on to circuit 2.

Circuit 2 consists of two single leg exercises performed 20 times on each foot. So, back to back, you'll do the two exercises on one leg, then the same two exercises on the opposite leg. That concludes one round. There will be three rounds in all. Between exercises and each round, you'll take a short break.


Just above your knees, wrap the booty band around your hips.

Stand with your feet about hip distance apart (should be tension on the band from the start).

Point the toe of your working leg inward to increase hip internal rotation.

Bend your knee slightly and lean towards your stabilising hand (the opposite leg that is remaining still and holding your stance).

To aid balance, place your hands on your hips.

Kick out to the side with your working leg, pause, then slowly bring your foot back down, tap your toe to the deck, and repeat.


Booty Band Lateral Step Outs Watercode

• Wrap the booty band just above your knees around your legs.

• Get into a squat position and lower your buttocks a little while leaning forward slightly with your hips hinged. Your glutes will be activated as a result of this.

•Take one step to the right by first lifting your right leg, putting it down, and then walking to the right with your left leg.

• Take one move to the left with your left leg as soon as your left foot lands, then repeat with your right leg.

• With the following leg, gently tap the ground. The majority of your weight will be moved to the working side as a result of this.

• Keep your knees about shoulder distance apart to keep the band taut and your lower body and heart completely engaged.

Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat watercode

Start with the band just below your knees in a low squat position. Maintain a slight arch in your back and arms in front of you. Lift your body and one leg as high as you can at the same time. Maintain your equilibrium and keep your place for a few seconds.


Booty Band Hip Bridges watercode

• Just above your knees, wrap the booty band around your hips.

• Lie down on your back with your feet together and legs apart in a supine position (back to the floor). Your knees should be pushed outward, keeping strain on your outer glutes (anyone for glute side dents?).

• Hold your arms parallel to your sides, tuck your head, and drive your shoulders into the ground.

• Get into a bridge position with your hips.

• Take a deep breath in, then exhale and repeat. Your ass doesn't have to hit the ground while you're in the lower position. Stop just before you're about to hit the deck, then force yourself back up onto a bridge.

• Pinch your glutes and hold the bridge position for a second on each rep (this is how you construct the gluteus maximus, which is the main bulk of your bum!)


Squat watercode

Placing the band above your knees is a good idea. Squat down until your hamstrings are just below parallel to the floor, keeping your back slightly arched. Drive your legs out at the same time. Push through the heels to return to the starting spot.


• Just above your knees, wrap the booty band around your hips.

• Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

• You should keep your hands on your hips (or for beginners who have balance issues, you can hold onto a chair in front of you).

• Hinge your hips and lean forward slightly with your chest.

• Extend one leg back until the toes are in contact with the ground. Your front leg will be still, with your foot flat on the ground and your knee bent slightly. This is where you'll begin. The front leg will bear the brunt of your weight.

•Exhale and pick your back leg up, pulling the band with you. Without shifting or bending the knee, the back leg will go straight back.

•Reset and repeat by bringing the back leg back down.

Low Impact Alternative - Banded Chair Squat

If you have knee pain while squatting, it's important to work your glutes without injuring yourself or worsening an existing injury. To create power without putting pressure on your knees, try this low-impact alternative to the squat jump.

1. Sit in a chair and put a resistance band over your knees.

2. Squat down to only hit the chair while pushing knees outward to build friction on the band while standing with feet just wider than hip width apart.

3. Get back up and repeat, avoiding contact with the chair as much as possible.

Leaning Kickback

Place the band around your thighs and rest your arms on a chair, your back slightly arched and your legs straight. Squeeze the glutes and lift one leg backwards as high as possible. Hold for a moment.

Booty Band Squat Pulses

Booty Band Squat Pulses watercode

• Just above your knees, wrap the booty band around your hips.

• Take a squat position.

• Squat down and then move the arms up and down (small range of motion, as to really hone in on the glutes).

• Maintain constant stress on the glute band by pressing the knees outward.

Lateral Shuffle

Step your right foot out to the right with the band around your thighs, then follow with your left foot, keeping the band taut. Take ten steps in one direction, then flip directions and repeat on the opposite side.

Standing Side / hip Abduction

Standing Side hip Abduction watercode

This exercise is crucial to include in your booty band workout because it targets your gluteus maximus and helps to strengthen and stabilise your hip abductors.

Just below your elbows, loop a booty band.

Start with your feet together and a slight bend in your knees, pushing your hips out.

Raise one foot out to the side while standing on one foot (or 45 degrees behind you). To stimulate your glute, keep your hips centred and your knees bent.

Swap legs and do the reps and rounds again (or superset with Glute Kickbacks)

Glute Kickback

Glute Kickback watercode

Begin by looping the band around your feet while on your hands and knees. Maintain a straight body and neck, with the head slightly forward. Lift your leg as high as you can when watching the glutes contract.

Squat Jump With Backward Foot Tap Alternating

Squat Jump With Backward Foot Tap Alternating watercode

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart and a resistance band just above the knees.

To build friction on the band, squat down while pushing your knees outward. Jump up and back into a squat, keeping the squat while tapping the right foot backwards, then the left. One rep is equivalent to this.

Bridge Thrust

Place the band just above your knees and lie down with your knees bent and your arms by your side, facing up. Lift your hips as high as you can while remaining comfortable in your upper body. Squeeze and keep the glutes for a few seconds..

Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge watercode

The glute bridge was an obvious addition to our booty band workout. This glute bridge exercise is excellent for isolating the gluteus maximus muscle.

Place your booty band around both thighs just above your knees when lying flat on your back with your arms by your sides.

On the mat, keep your feet slightly apart.

Lift your hips off the ground while squeezing your buttocks and core.

One rep is when you gently lower your hips and then raise them again.

Rep for the defined reps and rounds.

Side To Side Steps

Side To Side Steps watercode

Resistance band side steps target your hip abductors and gluteus medius, making them a perfect addition to your Resistance band booty workout. The pelvis and knee joint are stabilised with this lateral exercise.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your booty band just above your knees.

Bend your knees slightly into a half-squat position, holding your chest and head up and moving your bum backwards.

Keeping the half-squat stance, take small steps to the right while maintaining tension on the band.

Plank Kickback

Plank Kickback watercode

Begin with the band above your knees in a plank position. Maintain a straight line with your body and head while tensing your abs. Raise one leg as high as you can while keeping both legs straight. Keep the glutes contracted for a second.

Squat Jumps

Squat watercode

Squat jumps will raise your heart rate and help you consume more calories. Place the band just above your knees and squat before getting up and repeating the exercise. Squat jumps help to tone your heart, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back while also increasing your explosive strength. Count to ten.

Lying Hip Abduction

Lying Hip Abduction watercode

Lying on your side with the band around your thighs, support your torso with your arm on the concrete. Raise the top leg as high as you can while keeping your legs straight. Hold this position for a few seconds, contracting the hips and obliques.

Standing Glute Kickbacks

Standing Glute Kickbacks watercode

Standing glute kickbacks work all of your glute muscles (especially the gluteus maximus) as well as your hamstrings.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your booty band just above your knees. You can help yourself balance by leaning against a wall.

Shift your weight to your left leg and bend slightly to engage your glutes, then kick back with your right leg, toes pointed.

Just raise your leg about 15 cm behind you, keeping your abs engaged and your hips square throughout the step. (The most powerful gestures are small ones) Rep the reps on your right leg, then go straight into Standing Hip Abduction on the same leg (optional).


Clamshell watercode

Place the band around your thighs, one hand on your hip, and the other supporting your head. Maintain a 45-degree bend in your knees when keeping your feet together. Feel the contraction in your hips and glutes as you spread your legs as far apart as possible.

Squat With Leg Lift

Squat With Leg Lift watercode

With this squat plus leg lift, you can take your squats to the next level. Hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and abductors benefit greatly from this exercise. This exercise will help you get rid of saddlebags and love handles. Put a band around your ankles and squat down, then rise into a leg raise. Count to ten on either hand.

Band Walk

Band Walk watercode

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent, wrap the band around your thighs. Move one foot forward and out to the side while maintaining tension on the band. Continue walking forward with your feet spread wide apart. In the same way, walk backwards to the starting point.

3X Pulse Plie Squats

Let's start with some pulse plie squats before we get into a full-on resistance band workout routine.

Begin by standing with both legs slightly wider than hip-width apart with both feet turned out. Then pulse three times, going up on the fourth count while squeezing the glutes muscles.

Squat With Adductor Pulses

These squats with adductor pulses will tone up your inner thighs and give you the thigh gap you've always wanted. Bend down into a squat with a band around your thighs, then pulse your adductors three times before releasing. Count to ten.

Reverse Lunges To Squat

Reverse Lunges To Squat watercode

Let's make your at-home workout a little more interesting. Get your resistance band out, slip it over your knees, and begin with a reverse lunge. To do a lunge, take a step backwards and bend your knees until they are at a 90-degree angle.

To help you stay calm during this exercise, clasp your hands closely together. Return to a squat with your legs hip-width apart and pulse once more.

Fire hydrant

fire hydrants watercode

The fire hydrant engages your hips when working the outer glutes. You start on all fours with the band around your thighs, just like the donkey kick, except this time you shift your leg out to the side. Lift your right leg out to the side and spread your hips once you've gotten into position. Squeeze your abs to stay balanced, and at the top of the movement, squeeze your right glute. Return your right knee to the starting position; repeat 10 times. After that, switch to the left side.

Reverse Hyperextension

Reverse Hyperextension watercode

You should begin a reverse hyperextension home workout by lying chest-down on your yoga mat. Look straight ahead with your arms folded under your chin!

Begin by slowly but steadily lifting both legs off the ground and holding them in the air for 1-2 seconds. Then, with your toes gently touching the ground, repeat these motions for another 30 seconds.

You'll definitely feel the heat at this stage! But, baby, keep moving!

The reverse hyperextensions are working their magic on your glutes and hamstrings, increasing hip flexibility and strengthening your resistance to lower back injuries as a result.

Donkey kick

Get down on all fours on the floor and wrap the resistance bands around your thighs. Maintain a flat position on the floor with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your feet directly beneath your hips. Squeeze the glutes by flexing your right foot and kicking it up and down behind you, as if you were trying to stomp your foot on the ceiling. Slowly lower it; repeat 10 times more. Perform on the left foot and switch sides.

Walking Side Squats

Walking Side Squats watercode

Begin by standing at one end of the mat with your feet hip-width apart and squatting down. Then, with your right foot, take one step to the right until your feet are shoulder-width apart.

Repeat with your left foot until your feet are hip-width apart.

Repeat this action to take small steps on the left side until you've reached one end of the mat.

Walk in this sideways motion for another 30 seconds.

This will seem to be easy! However, it's a resistance band workout that's much more difficult than it seems.

Particularly now that you'll be feeling the burn in your glutes and outer thighs, which is where this at-home workout will focus the most!

Crab Walk

The crab walk is a great way to work your hamstrings and quads while also improving hip strength and knee joint stability. Begin at the end of your mat and, with a resistance band around your thighs, sit into a semi-squat and crab walk across your mat three times before switching directions. This exercise strengthens the upper thighs, calves, and lower back. Count to ten on either hand.

Knee Squats

Begin by kneeling in a place where your bottom is almost seated on your heel for this resistance band workout package. Straighten your back and look straight ahead with your legs slightly apart.

Squeeze your glutes and keep your heart engaged by placing both hands to the side of your head (right behind your ears works great!) and thrusting your hip forward.

The most important thing is to keep your back straight and, of course, to avoid over-exerting your neck while thrusting forward!

Standing glute kickback

Standing glute kickback watercode

Standing with your feet as big as your hips is a good place to start. Then take a step back with your right foot, bringing your right toes a few inches behind your left heel, and clasp your hands at your side. Shift your weight to your left foot and straighten your right leg behind you, raising a few inches off the ground. At the tip, squeeze the glute. Rep for a total of 10 repetitions, returning the foot to the starting spot. After that, turn sides.

Curtsy Lunges

Curtsy Lunges watercode

Start by putting your left foot behind your right foot and lunging down with your knees almost touching the ground with your hands crossed behind your back. Rep with your right knee and complete the movement in the opposite direction! Curtsy lunges are a fun home exercise to incorporate into your routine. From a beginner's perspective, it's fairly simple to complete—and adding a resistance band to it improves gluteus medius power.

Side-to-side band walk

Side to side band walk watercode

This exercise is excellent for toning the glutes. Put the resistance band around your thighs first. Place your hands together close to your chest in a half squat (also known as a shallow squat). With your right foot, take a step to the right. Then, with your left foot, take a step to the right. To keep the band taut, make sure your feet are hip-distance apart when you walk. Take two steps in one direction, then two in the opposite direction. Rep for a total of 20 times.