Building a Booty Workout

Building a Booty Workout

Cable Pull Through

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This technique is similar to the kettlebell swing (above), but if your gym has one, you'll need to use it. walk the wire out between your legs with your feet just wider than hip width apart, with the cable put up just above knee height. then, similar to the kb swing, hinge at the hip, bend back, and visualise a bolt of electricity in your butt as you surge forward and drag the cable between your legs, tightening your glute.

If you're continually stumbling, it's probably too heavy; you want to be able to perform some solid reps without falling over! aim for three sets of 15, gradually increasing to 20.


The traditional deadlift is a full-body exercise that also works the glutes. Your glutes are the movement's main driving force, and if you don't clench them strongly at the top, you won't be able to stand all the way up. If you're a beginner lifter, try arching your back at the top of each rep instead of squeezing your glutes to get the most out of the movement.

Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is one of the few exercises that isolates the glutes when done correctly. it's also one of the few leg exercises that allows you to recuperate rapidly before your next session. the majority of leg workouts are multi-joint workouts that can leave you sore for a day or two. a correctly executed hip thrust, on the other hand, isolates the glutes and can be performed 3 to 4 times a week, depending on the rest of your workout. the trick to the hip thrust is to forcefully squeeze your glutes at the top of each rep while keeping your abs tight. keep your back straight.

Reverse Lunge

Step backwards with one leg, lowering your knee to the ground, while holding a dumbbell in each hand and standing erect with your core tight and shoulders up back and down. Then stand up again. If you've never done lunges before, start with your bodyweight and work your way up to 12 or 14 kilogrammes.

Kettlebell Swing

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The kettlebell swing could be the best move for pure, explosive hip extension. If you learn how to do it correctly, each rep will have you moving your hips (and butt) backwards, then exploding forward and squeezing your glutes fiercely at the top. It's a forceful, explosive, and abrupt exercise that improves hip extension and glute power and can be used in sports and on the field.


Yes, this is an arm move, but if you don't work on your arms, you won't be able to complete half of these glute-building lifts. Start with the dumbbells together in the air over your chest while lying back on a weights bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Then slowly lower them until your elbows and upper arms are parallel to the floor and your elbows and upper arms are at shoulder height. You're essentially shifting from a letter A shape to a letter A shape, bringing your arms down, and then back to an A. After six weeks, I was up to 12kg, with a high of 14kg on a rare excellent day. Make three sets of six.

Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is a fantastic anterior loaded squat variant that almost everyone can do. As a result, it's an excellent action for novices looking to focus their glutes with a squat variant that requires no equipment.

Reverse Deadlift

Hinge at the hips for three counts and pull the dumbbells down towards your standing foot. Then, in the style of Elle Woods, do a rapid 'Bend and Snap,' rapidly returning to standing with the help of a glute-clench. Three sets of ten should suffice. After six weeks, I was up to 12kg, with a high of 14kg on a rare excellent day. Three sets of ten should suffice. Hinge at the hips for three counts and pull the dumbbells down towards your standing foot. Then, in the style of Elle Woods, do a rapid 'Bend and Snap,' rapidly returning to standing with the help of a glute-clench. Three sets of ten should suffice. After six weeks, I was up to 12kg, with a high of 14kg on a rare excellent day. Three sets of ten should suffice.

Cossack Squat

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The Cossack squat is an excellent unilateral lateral squat variant that will put your strength and mobility to the test. This variation is fantastic for targeting the glutes because as you get deeper in the squat, the glutes will have to support the pelvis before initiating extension in order to complete the rep.


This is the most difficult of the moves, but it's a fantastic all-around workout, especially for the glutes! Even if you've done a barbell deadlift previously, we recommend learning this with a personal trainer. I began with ten kilogrammes on each end, divided into four sets of six.

Get a good grip on each handle while standing in the middle of the bar. The distance between your feet should be a little wider than hip width. Squat down until your bum is as far back and down as you can go; if you go any further, you should feel like you're going to fall backwards. Your toes should practically lift off the ground and all of your weight should be in your heels. Take a deep breath in and lift the bar straight up until it feels like it's ready to leave the ground (this will activate your shoulder and back muscles and prevent you from snatching it up too quickly). At the apex, engage your glutes and lower the bar to the ground.

Bulgarian Split Squat

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The Bulgarian split squat is a great glute exercise. Make sure your front shin is vertical to the ground and that our knee does not travel past your foot to focus on the glutes. This becomes a more quad-powered action if you move your knee forward. When you stand, concentrate on actively squeezing your glutes.

Frog Pumps

Bring your feet in towards your buttocks while lying flat on an exercise matt, then let your knees fall outwards. your feet's soles should be touching, and your knees should be as low as possible. from here, use your glutes to push up and down, bringing your bum up and down. these can be done quickly in succession - aim for 20 reps per set and three sets.

Split Squat

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The split squat is a great method to get started with unilateral leg training since it works your glutes in two ways. First and foremost, when you're at the bottom position, your glutes will help to stabilise your body. Your glutes will also help you stand up again. At the top, remember to keep your hips and shoulders square, which is an underappreciated glute challenge.

Swiss Ball Leg Curls

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Place your feet on a swiss ball and lie down on an exercise mat. Then straighten your back into a plank position. From here, roll the swiss ball towards your buttocks with your feet, utilising your hamstrings' strength. Then roll it out again and repeat 15 times, or 20 if it gets too easy!

Rotational Cossack to Lunge to Squat

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In squats and lunges, your glutes work to expand your hips and play an important function. They also help to support you when you're conducting rotational activities by collaborating with your abs and lower back muscles. You'll work your glutes in all of those ways in this wicked advanced movement that will completely wipe out your legs.

Single Leg Hip Thrust Off a Bench

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Locate a bench or, better yet, a bench or box. This motion is similar to the hip lift warm-up, however your back is lifted, making it more difficult to complete. Lean your back on the box and draw one knee into your chest with your legs at right angles. Then, while keeping your weight on the ball of your planted foot, raise and lower your bum. Begin by shooting for three sets of eight.

Bulgarian Glute Smash

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You may attack your glutes in numerous ways by combining Bulgarian split squats and Bulgarian hip hinges. This hip hinge variation will put your glutes to the test in new ways, forcing you to focus on a single glute with minimal rest.

Goblet Squats

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Get into a squat stance with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. keep your shins as vertical as possible and bend from your knees to lower your butt to the ground as low as possible. then drive back up through your heels, making sure your knees don't sag inwards, as they will as you get exhausted. all of this should be done while holding a kettlebell or dumbbell and keeping your elbows up. after six weeks, i was able to gain anything from 10 to 14 kilogrammes, depending on how i felt! aim for a total of four sets of six.

Cossack Hover Countdown

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A position of rest can be found at the bottom of every split squat or lunge, where your knee collapses to the earth. It could also be a work position in which you halt with your knee an inch off the ground. This option necessitates significant stabilisation of your hamstrings, quads, and, yes, glutes. In this series, you'll put that low-position stabilisation to the test.

Bulgarian Split Squats

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With one leg balanced behind you on a bench/box and all of your weight in your front leg, which you bend down from the knee, they are a cross between a squat and a lunge. aim for three 15-minute sets.

Hover to Drive Lunge

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Remember that your glutes are responsible for moving your hips into extension. When you're doing it with power, you'll need a more regulated and intense glute contraction, especially when you're simultaneously trying to keep your entire body balanced. On this hover to drive lunge manoeuvre, your balance and power are put to the test.

Kettlebell Swings

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Standing with your feet somewhat wider than hip width apart is a good idea. Lift the kettlebell with your chest 'proud' and facing the mirror, keeping your ribs down and core tightened (but resist the urge to look up - keep your chin down).

Swing the kettlebell back between your legs, tensing your glutes as much as possible and thrusting forwards, utilising the momentum to swing the kettlebell forward and up, preferably to chin level. Rep, but this time hinge from your hips rather than your knees, and remember that the momentum to propel the kettlebell forward comes from that enormous glute tension. I was able to gain 14kg after six weeks, and 16kg on my finest day. However, when the weight increased, I initially reduced my reps before gradually increasing them.

Clock Cossack Series

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With this set of rotating Cossacks, you'll force your glutes to stabilise in multiple directions while also forcing your hips into extension in different directions. As you press back up after each Cossack rep, you'll also need to determine the exact amount of force in your glutes: If you rotate too much, you'll rotate past the right angle; if you rotate too little, you won't have enough power. Your glutes will be crushed by all of these changes.

Banded Walk

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Step both of your feet onto the resistance band with about 1ft between them, using a resistance band. pull the band tight enough that moving your feet in any direction is difficult. then twist the band so that each hand is holding the end of the band beneath the opposing foot. then, in a squat stance, lead with your knees and walk sideways like a crab, keeping your core tightened, back straight, shoulder up/back/down, and butt down. repeat for three sets, walking 10 steps one way and 10 steps the other.

Goblet Squat Hellset

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Yes, the high, feet-close goblet squat on the first rep smashes your quads. However, once you've stepped down from that elevation, your glutes and hamstrings must carry you to the finish line in a punishing set of reps.


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This workout focuses on your hip abductors, namely the gluteus medius. This muscle helps your gluteus maximus, your largest butt muscle, raise your thigh out to the side. When your leg is straight, it spins your thigh outward, and when your hip is bent, it rotates your thigh inward.

As you complete the exercise, imagine the opening of a clamshell. Keep the rest of your body totally still as you lower your leg, allowing your glute to do all of the work.

Lie on your side, knees bent 90 degrees, heels together and in line with your buttocks. Without moving your pelvis or back, open your knees as far as you can. Return to the starting position after a brief pause.

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Pulse Pause Bulgarian Split Squat

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In this Bulgarian version, spend more time at the bottom of the Bulgarian split squat and add a pulse to get your glutes burning early. This one will leave your glutes burning, especially if you go all out with the finishing half of the movement and really squeeze when you rise up.

Hip Raises

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Lower your legs off the tabletop. Pull one knee into your chest and thrust up with the other leg, putting emphasis on the ball of your foot rather than your heel and tensing your glute as hard as you can at the top. Warm up by doing 10 reps on each side.

Bulgarian Split Squat Annihilation

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To generate a deeper stretch for your glutes at the bottom, add more depth to your Bulgarian split squats. That means you'll have to work even harder to get out of the bottom, which will be a test for your entire legs. To finish things off, squeeze hard at the peak of each rep. In this series, you'll perform all of that, plus experiment with tempos and increase glute and leg time-under-tension.


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Arrange yourself on a tabletop with your arms lifted straight above your head. Pull your ribs down into the matt, tensing your core and holding it in place. Then, as you drop the opposite/diagonal arm, stretch one leg straight down. Return to the starting position and repeat the process. As a warm-up, aim for 10-15 minutes per side.

Bulgarian Pause Split Squat Superset

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Prepare for glute discomfort with 24 reps of Bulgarian split squats! In this split squat series, you'll experiment with different tempos, pauses, and pulses to increase your legs' time-under-tension. And each pause and pulse makes it that much more difficult to get up and complete each rep with a powerful hip extension. It means you'll have to be especially deliberate about squeezing your glutes while performing heavy reps (24 reps a set).

Cable Kickback

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You can't skip this manoeuvre if you want a round, hard butt. "Many gymgoers incorrectly describe the cable kickback as a 'wussy workout,' but this is incorrect," adds Contreras. The activity focuses on the gluteus maximus, which is the muscle that gives your backside its shape.

Lower a cable machine's arm until it's level with your ankle. Stand with your feet hip-width apart in front of the machine. One foot should be inserted into the cable handle. Using your glute, pull the foot with the wire squarely behind you while keeping your chest raised.

Keep your back straight. Return your foot to the starting position after a brief pause. Before switching sides, finish your reps on your weaker side.

Front Squat

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Front squats, like other squats, will put your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings to the test. The front squat demands you to keep your body more straight, but it still takes a great deal of control from your glutes and core. Make a conscious effort to expand your knees as you lower and squeeze your glutes as you rise

Cable Standing Hip Abduction

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According to Contreras, "the cable standing hip abduction hits your higher glutes muscles, which are generally disregarded by most males." "The more powerful they are, the more powerful and carved your behind will be."

Lower a cable machine's arm until it's level with your ankle. Stand with one foot in front of the cable machine and the other just behind it. Loop your second foot through the handle and pull that leg out to the side with your glutes. After a brief pause, return to the starting position.

Perform your reps on your weaker side first, then swap legs and do the same number on your stronger side.

Box Squat

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The squat box version is underappreciated for leg and glute development. Slowly lowering to the box is essential here, as it forces the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings to fire up eccentrically and maintain control the entire way down. This is also a wonderful opportunity to practise opening your knees when squatting, which only happens when you press your glutes and drive your hips into external rotation.

Sumo Dumbbell Squat

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With this sumo squat variation, patience is the word of the game.You'll rely on tempo to get the most out of your workout, which will allow your glutes to work even harder.

Dumbbells should be held at waist height. Stand somewhat wider than shoulder width with your feet flared out. Place your weight firmly on your heels and tilt your chest forward roughly 30 degrees, which Contreras recommends you do for the entire session.

On a four-count, bend your knees and squat down, maintaining a small body lean while you hold the weight. On four, you should reach the bottom of the action and retain the squat position. Before standing back up to your starting place, pause for three counts while clenching your glutes. legs and perform the same number with your stronger side.

Back Squat

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The back squat is a great way to work your quads, glutes, and hamstrings all at once. It will also work your glutes more than you believe, and strong glutes are required. Furthermore, the back squat challenges you to bend your chest forward slightly, a task that engages your glutes more than you might imagine.

Extended-Range, Side Lying Hip Extension

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The Extended-Range, Side Lying Hip Extension, another Instagram favourite, gives the glutes even more range of motion to work with.

"A bigger stretch on the hips at the bottom of the exercise is possible because of the extended range of motion off of a bench," adds Contreras. "The greater the potential hypertrophy (or muscle gain) stimulation, the more a muscle is stretched under load."

Leaning on your elbow, lie on your side on a bench with your leg bent. Extend the opposite leg past the edge of the bench. For a hip internal rotation, Contreras recommends turning your extended foot inward.

Raise your leg as high as you can into abduction, keeping the movement smooth and consistent.

Once you've mastered the exercise, Contreras recommends adding an ankle weight to increase the challenge and jumpstart muscle growth.

Single-Leg Deadlift

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Your glutes are worked in two ways when you do a single-leg deadlift. First and foremost, you're working your glutes in the same way you would with classic deadlifts: At the top of each rep, squeeze them actively on the side with your foot on the ground. You'll also be doing the following: Both sides of your glutes must stabilise in the "frontal" plane to keep you from tipping to one side or the other. When done correctly, it's glute mayhem.

Quadruped Hip Extension

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Quadruped Hip Extension You've probably seen this move on Instagram, thanks to the fact that it features a beautiful image of the behind. But it doesn't mean it doesn't function; according to Contreras, the quad hip extension is all about the massive glute squeeze at the peak of the exercise.

The technique may also be done almost anyplace, making it a simple addition to any programme.

On all fours, align your spine and keep your back flat. As you raise the opposite leg, keep one firmly on the ground and turn your foot out slightly for an external hip rotation. At the top of the exercise, keep your spine aligned and clench your glutes. Return your knee to the ground after a little period.

The Romanian Deadlift

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Both your glutes and hamstrings will be hammered by the Romanian deadlift. Again, how you use the deadlift to drive into proper hip extension is crucial. You should "feel" your hamstrings and glutes stretch as you descend down. When you stand up, you must pinch your glutes and drive your hips forward slightly. The eccentric portion of the lift should help you "feel" your hamstrings and glutes, and then the concentric phase allows you to engage them.